How to Make Your Marketing Content Go Further

Successful content marketing strategies require a lot of time and creativity. Make sure to get the most out of all your hard work by following these tips on how to make your content go further.

Embed It

A simple way to increase the visibility of your content is for it to exist in two places at once. If you upload your content to a popular hosting site or create it on a social platform and then embed it in a blog post, you increase the likelihood of it being seen and shared.

For example, you can create an interactive image on thinglink, embed it into a blog post and then expand on it with some written copy. If you have PDFs that may be of interest to your customers, upload them to a hosting site like Flipsnack, Issuu or Slideshare and then embed it into a relevant blog post or web page.

A simple example of this 'two homes' approach is embedded YouTube videos. A YouTube video can increase the value of a blog post or web page while also receiving traffic on YouTube itself.

While in some cases it's best to host content on your website alone (to ensure your site builds all the link equity when the content is shared), placing content in two places at once is a great way to help increase its visibility. If it doesn't make a big splash on your site, it might just go viral on the other platform. So why not hedge your bets?

Dissect it

You create great content by pooling ideas, information and images together in one place. After you do this, make that content go further by breaking it all up again.

Say you have a blog post that includes some text, an image and an infographic. Find a juicy quote from the text and tweet it. Next, pin the image to Pinterest and upload it to Instagram. Finally, post the infographic on Tumblr with a click-through link back to the blog post. Easy as that! With just one blog post, you've created four platform-specific 'shares'.

Key to being able to dissect your content effectively is making sure it's rich and visual to begin with. When creating blog posts or web pages, think about how that content may also perform on other platforms. Create content that works as part of a larger piece and on its own.

Share It

Don't just let your content sit there, waiting for someone to stumble across it - promote it through social media! Great content and social media serve each other. Social media directs readers to your content, helping drive traffic and valuable social signals back to your site. At the same time, quality content helps drive your social media strategy by sparking conversation and engaging your followers.

Don't just stick to the big sites. Facebook and Twitter may be the first places you go to get the word out, but continue on to relevant bookmarking sites like Reddit or Stumbleupon. Be savvy with the way you share content. Space out your posts naturally and share content at times of peak engagement.

Original image by EzykronHD via Wikimedia Commons

How do you make the most of your marketing content? Let me know in the comments.