Content Marketing


'Show, don't tell' - that's the premise behind content marketing. Though press releases and advertisements certainly have their place, content marketing takes a softer approach. This type of marketing uses quality content (infographics, images, video, blog posts, gifs, informative guides, podcasts, etc.) for soft brand engagement, rather than overt brand promotion.

For organizations wanting to succeed in social media and SEO, it's essential to have a content strategy in place to support those channels.

Success in content marketing requires a commitment to creating content that people engage with, perhaps by sharing it on Facebook or adding their thoughts in the comments section.

What makes great content?

Quality, sharable content is usually has one or more of the following characteristics: timely, relevant, unique and visual.

Timely  - great content is often centered on a seasonal or 'trending' topic.

Relevant - a successful piece of content should be relevant to your audience. 

Unique - original content that offers something new is much more likely to be shared and engaged with.

Visual - in the spirit of 'show, don't tell', content that's presented visually often has a greater impact, particularly online.