PR & Marketing for Nonprofits


When the aim of an organization is not merely to grow the business, but also to promote a cause, it's all the more important to send a clear message and build genuine relationships. In developing a PR and marketing strategy for your non-profit, it helps to consider the following:

Know your audience

Think of the people at the heart of your nonprofit's platform. Consider who your cause matters to the most, and aim to speak directly to them.

Stay in touch

Don't be a stranger. Keep in contact with your audience through newsletters and social media. Successful nonprofits focus on building strong communities, and regular communication helps your followers feel connected to each other and the wider cause.

Humanize the cause

Don't spout statistics - tell stories. Put a face to the facts that make up your platform.

Don't preach - educate!

Create genuinely useful, informative content to share with your audience. Present the facts as clearly as possible so that they can draw their own conclusions.

Seek out partnerships

Look for opportunities where you can partner up with like-minded organizations to further spread your message. Social media is a great place to start relationships (a 'retweet' can go a long way!) that you can build on in future.