Embracing Social Media

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Social media: for most organizations, it’s no longer optional. Just like having a contact phone number and a mailing address, there's now an expectation that you will have a social media presence too. Whether you're just getting started in social media or want to refresh your existing strategy, here are a few pointers:

Customize your strategy

How you approach social media should depend on the nature of your organization and the expectations of your customers. For example, a large hotel chain may find that the main purpose of its social media pages is for customer service, while a small design agency may use social media to comment on industry news and become a respected voice in the design world.

Since every organization is different, it’s wise to develop a custom strategy for social media before you go ahead with that Facebook or Twitter account.

Share valuable content

Social media is all about starting a conversation - so be sure to ‘give ‘em something to talk about’. All organizations are capable of creating quality content that people want to share with their friends. When brainstorming ideas, aim for content that’s timely, relevant, unique and visual.

Listen to your audience

Social media is a not just an opportunity to spread your message, but also the chance to listen to your audience and learn from what they’re telling you. It’s not enough to just schedule in all your tweets for the week and move on to other business. There needs to be someone dedicated to keeping the conversation going - responding to comments and queries as and when they happen.

Think quality, not quantity

Social media success shouldn’t be measured in ‘followers’ or ‘likes’, but by the quality of the relationships you build. Focus on really engaging the audience you do have, rather than continually chasing a larger following. If you share great content and listen to your audience, you will draw a crowd naturally - so don’t even think about ‘buying’ followers!


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