Social Media & Website Management


Nowadays the notion that it's important for organizations to be present on social media is generally accepted as fact. However, it's equally important that those social media profiles are managed properly and used to their full potential. Whether you have a Facebook page that's currently sitting dormant or are looking for better ways to engage with your audience on Twitter, I can help.

Similarly, an effective website is one that's regularly updated with relevant, useful and engaging content. This will help increase your visibility on search engines and will encourage visitors to stick around and explore your site. To ensure your website is user-friendly, it's also important that it's informative, easy to navigate, visually engaging and responsive to different types of devices (smartphones, tablet computers, etc.).

Here are a few examples of what I can do: 

  • Create and update social media sites - schedule updates (Tweets, Facebook shares, etc.) during times of peak engagement
  • Promote content on social bookmarking, blogging and image sharing platforms
  • Manage daily web updates, using different content management systems
  • Use third-party CMS software to build user-friendly websites with responsive designs
  • Write basic HTML code
  • Optimize websites for better search engine results